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Ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a must have for all cars it is a revolutionary protective product for your vehicle. Ceramic coating is a liquid that goes on the outside of a car and bonds with the paint. The clear layer protects the vehicle from dirt, sun damage, bird droppings, and other harmful things. It also helps the vehicle look better and last longer.


With its hydrophobic properties, ceramic coating also makes maintenance a breeze, as dirt and grime easily rinse off. Protect your car with our ceramic coating services and say goodbye to frequent waxing and polishing.

Package includes

  • Snow foam (to remove any loose dirt on the clearcoat surface)

  • 2 bucket wash method (one bucket with clean water and the other bucket with soap car wash)

  • Chemical decontamination & clay bar (to remove any contaminates embedded and still left on the surface after

  • 2 or 3 stage paint correction (pending on condition and color of the car)

  • applying the  coating of your choice

  • warranty available from 3 years to lifetime (pending on ceramic coating of your choice)

Key Features

Long Lasting

Ceramic coating is a long-lasting solution for protecting your car's paint. With its durable and resilient properties, it can withstand harsh weather conditions and keep your looking new for years to come. Trust in the power of ceramic coating to keep your car shining bright.


Ceramic coating is known for its hydrophobic properties, which means it repels water and other liquids. This makes it an ideal choice for protecting from water damage and corrosion. Whether you're looking to protect your car, boat, or other valuable assets, ceramic coating is a great option to consider.

Makes washing easier

Ceramic coating is a great investment for your vehicle as it makes washing much easier. With its hydrophobic properties, water and dirt slide right off, leaving your car looking cleaner for longer periods of time. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent car washes and hello to a sleek and shiny ride with ceramic coating.

Scratch Resistant

Ceramic coating is a type of protective layer that is widely recognized for its exceptional ability to resist scratches. This quality has made it a highly sought-after solution for safeguarding various surfaces against damage caused by everyday wear and tear. Whether you're looking to protect your car's paint job or your kitchen countertops, ceramic coating is a reliable option that can help keep your surfaces looking their best for longer.

Extreme Gloss

Our ceramic coating has extreme gloss it is an ideal choice for car owners who want to safeguard their vehicle's paint and maintain its shine for an extended period. It is a simple and effective solution that offers durable protection against dirt, UV rays, and other environmental elements. your car will look as good as new and retain showroom-like appearance.

UV Protection

Ceramic coating is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of UV rays. Not does it provide a layer of defense against the sun's rays, but it also helps to prevent fading and discoloration of your car's paint. With ceramic coating, you can enjoy a long-lasting shine and protection for your vehicle.

Whell ceramic coating

Wheel coating

At JS Autobody Work & Detailing, we offer professional coating services to protect your vehicle's wheels from the harsh elements.


 Our  coating provides a durable and long-lasting barrier against dirt, brake dust, and road grime, keeping your wheels looking clean and shiny.


 With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that your wheels receive the highest level of protection, making them easier to clean and maintain.


 Trust JS Autobody Work & Detailing to keep your wheels looking their best.

window ceramic coating

Window coating

Protect your vehicle's windows with the latest in coating technology from JS AUTOBODY WORK & DETAILING.


 Our coating provides a durable, long-lasting barrier against scratches, dirt, and UV rays, while also enhancing the clarity and visibility of your windows.


 With our professional application process, you can trust that your windows will be protected and looking their best for years to come. 


Invest in the protection your vehicle deserves with our coating services.

interior ceramic coating

Interior Coating

JS AUTOBODY WORK & DETAILING offers professional grade interior coatings to protect and enhance the interior surfaces of your vehicle.


 Our coating creates a durable, hydrophobic barrier that repels liquids, dirt, and stains, keeping your interior looking new for longer. 


With its heat resistance and UV protection, our coating also helps prevent fading and cracking of interior surfaces. Trust our expert team to provide top-quality ceramic coating for your vehicle's interior.

caliper ceramic coating

Calliper coating

Enhance the performance and durability of your brake calipers with ceramic coating from JS AUTOBODY WORK & DETAILING. 


Our coatings provides a protective layer that resists heat, corrosion, and brake dust, keeping your calipers looking and performing like new.


 The high-temperature resistance ensures long-lasting protection, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. 


Trust JS AUTOBODY WORK & DETAILING to provide professional ceramic coating services that will elevate the performance and appearance of your brake calipers.

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